Joel Bolomboy, PF

Age: 23
Games started: 0
Games lost to injury: none
Contract situation: One more year guaranteed at $1.3 million. 2018-2019 contract is nonguaranteed at $1.5 million

Quote: “I think the main goal is just to continue to develop and continue to get better and kill in summer league and just try to get into the rotation next year and help out the team.”

Alec Burks, SG

Age: 25
Games started: 0
Games lost to injury: 46 games
Contract situation: $10,845,506 next year, signed through 2018-19
Quote: “I’m young, just 25. I’ll get back to my old self. I’m not worried, it’s just taking more time than I thought when I first got hurt. I think the summer will be big for me.”

Boris Diaw, PF

Age: 35
Games started: 42
Games lost to injury: 8
Contract situation: One nonguaranteed year remaining at $7.5 million.
Quote: “Coming into last summer, you’re like, ‘OK, we tried to get that winning culture again,’ but you don’t really know if it would happen. I think that this season confirmed that this franchise is heading in that direction.”

Dante Exum, PG

Age: 21
Games started: 26
Games lost to injury: 7
Contract situation: Signed through 2017-18
Quote: “The biggest thing is mid-range (shooting). That’s something that I feel if I can get that, I can up my game a whole lot more.”

Derrick Favors, PF/C

Age: 25

Games started: 39
Games lost to injury: 32

Contract situation: Under contract for $12 million for 2017-18 season in final year of four-year deal.

Quote: "Individually, it was tough mentally for me, just dealing with the injuries and not being able to go out there and help my teammates. … I'm going into this offseason healthy (unlike last year). … I definitely feel a hundred percent healthy … and as far as the future, I think we've got a bright future. We've got a lot of good players here and I'm excited to be a part of it."

Rudy Gobert, C

Age: 24
Games started: 81
Games lost to injury: 3
Contract situation: 4 years, $102 million
Quote: "I always put pressure on myself to be the best I can be. The contract doesn't change that."

Gordon Hayward, SF

Age: 27
Games started: 73
Games lost to injury: 9
Contract situation: Player option for $16.7 million
Quote: “So I think I definitely will have some time to think about (free agency) here in the next couple weeks, and I’m aware of what’s going on, but honestly it’s not something I’ve thought about.”

George Hill, PG

Age: 31
Games started: 49
Games lost to injury: 37
Contract situation: Unrestricted free agent
Quote: "I loved it. I was fortunate enough to be in this position with these guys and get Utah back to what Utah basketball is all about and try to get back to the playoffs."

Rodney Hood, SG

Age: 24
Games started: 55
Injuries: 23
Contract situation: One more year, $2.4 million
Quote: "Just lock myself into the gym this summer, do whatever it takes to become the player I want to become."

Joe Ingles, SG

Age: 29
Games started: 26
Games lost to injury: 0
Contract situation: Restricted free agent
Quote: “Everyone knows I want to come back. I couldn’t think of a better place to come back, so hopefully it all goes down and it’s a nice quick process, and we can be back here as soon as possible.”

Joe Johnson, F

Age: 35
Games started: 16
Game lost to injury: 4
Contract situation: One year remaining at $10.5 million.
Quote: “I’m still enjoying it, man. I still have those butterflies in my stomach before every game, even coming to practice, so as long as those things are there, the love for the game is still there, I’ll continue to try and play.”

Trey Lyles, PF

Age: 21
Games started: 4
Games lost to injury: 0
Contract situation: Under contract for $2,441,400 for 2017-18 season after team option was exercised in October 2016.
Quote: "I definitely wanted to play a lot more, but it was a good learning experience for me. … It was good to have veterans that I could learn from and ask questions, like Joe (Johnson) and Boris (Diaw), guys who have been through the same thing that I went through this year, and they helped me out a lot. … They went with the older guys because they felt like they were ready to do something with them as far as making a (playoff) run. … It's been pretty challenging; I've never been a situation where I haven't been playing before … I try to realize that it's a process; it was hard for me to digest at first, but having the older guys tell me they went through the same thing kinda made it a little bit easier."

Shelvin Mack, PG

Age: 27
Games started: 9 starts
Games lost to injury: 11
Contract situation: Free agent
Quote: “It was an up and down year, but I think I handled it real well. I started the season as the backup point guard, and after not playing for awhile I came back to the rotation. It just shows the hard work you need to put in to be ready for the opportunities.”

Raul Neto, PG

Age: 24
Games started: 0
Games lost to injury: 7
Contract situation: Signed through 2017-18, $1,471,382 next year
Quote: “It was a different season for me. I was always ready and happy to be here and working hard every day even if I wasn’t playing a lot of minutes. I was thinking my first season would be like this and it was kind of the opposite. But I got better and I think that’s what matters.”

Jeff Withey, C

Age: 27
Games started: 1
Games lost injury: None
Contract situation: Free agent
Quote: "I think the future's definitely bright for this group. … I've learned a lot from the coaches here and, from everybody in the organization, this is definitely a class-act organization, and I'm definitely blessed to be part of it."