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If your disaster plan includes eating the wheat and drinking the water you prepared 10 or 20 years ago, then it’s time for an update.

See what’s new and how you can be better prepared for any emergency by attending Preppercon this weekend at the South Towne Exposition Center. Preppercon is the premier tradeshow for all things preparedness. Don’t miss these 4 new water innovations to upgrade your disaster preparedness.

The EZ Drum Cycler (Emergency Water LLC)

Have old barrels of water? Now there’s an easy way to update and refresh the water in your old drums. The EZ Drum Cycler screws into the top of the water barrel and connects to your garden hoses for easy cycling. When used with bleach, you can completely disinfect and refresh your old water supply without ever moving the drum and without the mess.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your old water supply is fresh and ready for any emergency. The EZ Drum Cycler retails for $45.00.

To learn more, visit the Emergency Water LLC booth at Preppercon or watch this video. The cycler is sold exclusively at Emergency Essentials retail locations and at

10,000 Gallon Water Filtration Kit

Do you have a “Plan B” for long term water storage? Emergency Water LLC is showcasing a 10,000-gallon water treatment kit for long term needs; in other words, it can treat enough water to cover the basic water requirements of a family of 5 for roughly 5 years!

It uses slow sand filtration, which is widely used today in centralized water treatment plants to remove bacteria, heavy metals, radiological contamination, organic and inorganic matter without the use of harsh chemicals.

To learn more visit the Emergency Water LLC booth and receive a free brochure on how to make this highly effective water filter yourself for less than $100.

Wellspring Water Filter Automation

Do you have to wait hours for your water to filter when prepping your water storage? Gravity filters are great but require constant attention to avoid flooding your kitchen or bathroom. This hassle would not be necessary if you had this new invention called Wellspring.

Wellspring is an easy-to-install control system that helps automate the process and wipes away the worry. It works by connecting your existing water filter system to your culinary water line or to an off-grid water storage tank. Once it is installed, it keeps your filter chambers filled with water and prevents it from overflowing.

Wellspring is an easy-to-install control system that automates water delivery to the filter. It works by connecting the existing water filter system to the culinary water line or to an off-grid water storage tank. Once installed, Wellspring constantly keeps the filter chambers filled with water and prevents it from overflowing. Visit the Emergency Water booth at Preppercon to see Wellspring or visit

160-gallon Stackable Water Tanks (Waterprepared)

Do you have enough water to cook all the dehydrated beans, rice and freeze-dried vegetables in your food storage? The Waterprepared booth will be featuring the most innovative, low-profile, high-capacity water tank on the market.

Each tank has a 160-gallon capacity and can stack vertically for a total 320 gallons of storage! That’s enough for an average size family to have a comfortable supply of water for well over 72 hours. It fits in tight spaces, minimizing its footprint and maximizing available water storage. The tank is constructed of BPA free, FDA approved polyethylene plastic.

You can learn more by visiting Waterprepared or Emergency Water at Preppercon or at

If you haven't touched your emergency preparedness plan in several years, it could, no doubt, use a little revamping. Come and look for these four inventions, ask any questions and visit the other 100+ exhibitors at Preppercon.