As a high school student, I encounter hundreds of individuals everyday. That also means I come face to face with thousands of germs and illnesses everyday. Whether they are severe illnesses or not, it is a big problem.

The amount of children and adults not being vaccinated is a huge setback and is on the rise. In 1997, a false study was published about a theory that vaccinations are the main cause of autism and many people believed it. A few years later, the article was found to have had the results tampered with and lied about to get money. The article was discredited and the author lost his medical license. Though it was disproved, rumors still continued to spread and more people believed. No one knows the exact cause of autism, but there has never been a medical correlation to autism and vaccinations.

Before parents decide their child’s medical future, they should consult with a doctor, rather than their neighbor or cousin. David Katz of Yale University said, “It is no more sense to rant about vaccines because you know someone ... than to stop walking because you heard about a pedestrian struck by a car."

Julia Haynes

West Jordan