For a time, Gordon Hayward was the favorite player of JP Gibson, the boy who became an honorary member of the Utah Jazz in 2014 while undergoing cancer treatments.

JP and his father announced at the end of July that the cancer has returned for the now-7-year-old after more than two years of remission, and JP told the Deseret News earlier in the month that his new favorite Jazz player is Rodney Hood after Hayward signed as a free agent with the Boston Celtics.

Hayward's demotion on JP's list didn't stop the All-Star small forward from doing a good deed, however, as an Instagram post from the Gibson family on Thursday evening showed JP opening a new Nintendo Switch from Hayward. The youngster is receiving care at Primary Children's Medical Center.

A video on the post showed JP reading a card attached to the gift: "Hi, JP. Enjoy your gift.

From, Gordon Hayward."