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Trying to find the perfect gift can be a challenge. If you'd like to treat family or friends, consider cheese.

It may be one of the healthiest and most popular gifts they receive all season. Here are five reasons.

Helps make strong bones and teeth

What other gift can help strengthen bones and teeth? According to the National Institute of Health's General Dentistry Journal, consuming cheese raises the mouth’s pH levels, which can help protect tooth enamel.

Bone health and strength are also improved in those who eat cheese. According to the NIH's Food and Nutrition Research Journal, "Milk and dairy products contain a number of nutrients that are required for building strong bones in childhood and for their maintenance during adulthood with the aim to reduce osteoporosis and bone fractures in older age ... these nutrients are all present in significant amounts in milk and dairy products."

The journal noted that while bone benefits are more clearly seen in children, eating cheese strengthens bones in people of all ages.

Builds muscle

Workout supplements are big business, with a worldwide protein supplement market valued at more than $12.4 billion, according to Grand View Research. But what if there were a more delicious way to consume protein and gain muscle? According to the Dairy Council of California, cheese contains a host of nutrients, such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and, most important, protein. Naturally featuring high-quality protein, cheese can be a great vehicle for providing the body with essential building blocks for strong muscle.

Fights obesity

Cheese can help you stay slim, increase metabolism and fight obesity, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The key lies in an ingredient native to some cheeses called butyrate. Gruyère, blue, gouda, parmesan and cheddar all have high amounts of this substance, which helps boost metabolism.

These cheeses also encourage the microflora in the gut to make even more butyrate, making cheese one of the best defenders against obesity and a slow metabolism.

Prevents diabetes

Closely linked to its ability to fight against obesity, cheese might also be a miracle food to defend against Type 2 diabetes. A study by the Food and Nutritional Research Journal found that people who consumed cheese regularly, one serving per day, had 0.65 percent lower body fat and a 13 percent lower risk of being overweight or obese.

The study concluded that a "diet high in milk and dairy products reduces the risk of childhood obesity and improves body composition in adults. This likely contributes to lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes ... there is increasing evidence suggesting that especially the fermented dairy products, cheese and yogurt, are associated with a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes."

Cancer prevention

As if there needed to be more reasons to make cheese a regular part of your life, it might also be helpful in preventing cancer. The Food and Nutrition Research Journal said consumption of milk and dairy products probably protects against colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, gastric cancer and breast cancer.

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