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Fans of the reality show “The Masked Singer” think Donny Osmond is playing a crucial role.

SALT LAKE CITY — Speculation continues to grow that Donny Osmond is The Peacock from “The Masked Singer.”

Twitter users once again speculated that the Peacock performer is, in fact, the Osmond performer.

The show released a video of the Peacock, asking Twitter users to offer their thoughts on who he or she could be.

And several responses predicted the Peacock is in fact Osmond.

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A separate video from Wednesday night's program showed the Peacock performing “Counting Stars” by One Republic:

Compare that with this:

However: There’s a little wrench in the idea that Osmond moonlights as the Peacock. A Twitter post from Jan. 9 shows Osmond with a sling on his arm. The Peacock has no such sling.

“Writing music 5 days after shoulder surgery is a little harder than I thought it would be. Maybe I should call this song ‘Shoulder of Love,’” he tweeted.

I reached out to Donny Osmond for comment. He has yet to respond.