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Movie review: Zombie flick 'Dead Don't Die' is lifeless even with Bill Murray, Adam Driver
Zombie movies don’t exactly carry the highest of standards when it comes to big screen entertainment, and yet Jim Jarmusch’s “The Dead Don’t Die,” starring Billy Murray and Adam Driver, is still a tremendous disappointment.
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Theater review: CenterPoint Legacy Theatre’s 'My Fair Lady' is a pitch-perfect rendition
If you’ve considered seeing “My Fair Lady” live, it’s unlikely you’ll come across a better rendition than CenterPoint Legacy Theatre’s anytime soon.
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Why these 2 Utah artists are participating in Utah Foster Care's Chalk Art Festival
Utah Foster Care's annual Chalk Art Festival, which raises awareness for foster family need, will take place June 14-16 at The Gateway in Salt Lake City. Many of the 110 local artists have personal connections to foster care.