Provided by Gail Harding
Meet the woman behind Trolley Square's Easter Bunny — 'Every little child touches my heart in some way'
“Bunny never talks,” Gail Harding said. “I shake my head and interact. I've had kids that are really afraid of me, so I just sit down on the floor and scrunch closer to them, so I'm at their level."
Movie review: Lily James shows off her serious side in tense 'Little Woods'
“Little Woods” is about good and desperate people who have made bad decisions and work their way into more bad decisions as a result.
Douglas Carter
In 'Matilda,' Hale Centre Theatre's young cast proves that 'even if you're little, you can do a lot'
As HCT prepares to present more than 65 performances of "Matilda" over the next two months, the responsibility of carrying the show rests on some very slight shoulders.