Douglas Carter
Hale Centre Theatre's 'Freaky Friday' will have parents asking: Could I survive high school again?
Think your teen's life is a cakewalk? Hale Center Theater hopes its upcoming musical production of "Freaky Friday" will make parents think again.
Provided by Cindy Hanson
Volunteering at the Utah Arts Festival is like a family reunion for this 25-year festival veteran
The Utah Arts Festival is June 20-23. It's the largest multidisciplinary arts festival in Utah and depends on over 1,000 volunteers to make it possible each year.
Provided by Karen Boe
Why these 2 Utah artists are participating in Utah Foster Care's Chalk Art Festival
Utah Foster Care's annual Chalk Art Festival, which raises awareness for foster family need, will take place June 14-16 at The Gateway in Salt Lake City. Many of the 110 local artists have personal connections to foster care.