Jonny Cournoyer
Josh Terry: The 10 best movies from 2018 ... so far
The cinematic rush is about to begin. More than a dozen major releases are scheduled between Dec. 14 and Christmas Day, and that influx brings everything from superheroes to period dramas to vice presidential biopics.
Sony Pictures Classics
Movie review: 'Maria by Callas' proves being an opera diva isn't all arias
Early in “Maria by Callas,” the titular opera singer suggests there is a separation between her true identity and the celebrity known around the world.
Twentieth Century Fox
Movie review: Edited 'Once Upon a Deadpool' is PG-13, but don't expect it to be family friendly
“Once Upon a Deadpool” has to be one of the strangest entries on the holiday movie calendar, but for audiences who have shied away from the franchise’s R-rated content, it may be an unprecedented opportunity.