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'‘When Calls the Heart’ continues to be a show that your whole family can genuinely enjoy' — cast prepares for season 6
On the surface, ‘When Calls the Heart’ is a show about simple romance in simpler times. Dive a little deeper, however, and the popular Hallmark Channel series reveals rich layers that tug on the heartstrings.
Fred Lum, The Globe and Mail
A new book contends that the unusually large family of the future will have 3 children. What happens then?

The unusually large family of the future will have three children, the authors of a new book on population trends say. Is more immigration the solution to problems posed by shrinking birth rates?

Penguin Random House
On the same page: This Provo book group has been together 17 years
At the Grandview Book Group's first meeting, only a couple of women attended and leader Loye Bertelson didn't consider herself a reader. But after 17 years, the Provo-based group is going strong, and Bertelson now loves to read.