Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
At Easter, faith leaders reflect on the future of their churches amid declining attendance

There are now as many Americans who claim no religion as members of the country's largest faith groups.

Curtis Compton, Atlanta Journal-Constitution via Associated Press
What the Tiger Woods comeback story teaches us about forgiveness and redemption
It's been 10 years since Tiger Woods fell from grace, but with his recent Masters win, Americans seem willing to forgive and forget, even as we hold others accountable for things they did decades ago. What can we learn from the Woods saga?
Thibault Camus, Associated Press
#PrayForParis. #NotreDame. Why do Americans mourn some international tragedies and ignore others?

Why, when I hear stories, or see photos on my Facebook feed, of Aleppo in ruins, do I not feel that same rush of self-identification, of personal loss, that I felt when I saw Notre Dame in flames?