North Carolina coach Roy Williams appeared at a Final Four press conference last week with a fat lip, telling reporters he was making a point in practice by kicking the ball, which caromed into his face.

Also known as the “repeal and replace maneuver.”


The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles posted an online poll asking fans whether to sign former NFL player Greg Hardy, who was involved in a domestic abuse case in 2014. Eventually charges were dropped when his accuser didn’t testify.

Fans voted 50.1 to 49.9 not to sign Hardy, after which Democrats immediately called for an investigation into Russian interference.


ESPN did a piece on Chinese Basketball Association MVP Jimmer Fredette, revealing he has a nickname: “Jimo Dasher,” which translated means “The Lonely Master.”

This varies from his American nickname, which is “That Guy with the Little Kid Name.”


Real Salt Lake general manager Craig Waibel says new coach Mike Petke’s fashion sense puts pressure on him.

“I don’t know but someone’s about to cost me my job if he keeps dressing like this,” Waibel said.

But wait. How much pressure can there be in a sport where people wear wool scarves in summer?


Petke says he was never given a reason why he was fired by the New York Red Bulls other than “they felt a change needed to be made and they needed to do it now rather than later.”

Democrats are thinking: “Hey! That was our plan!”

ON FULL DISPLAY reports the amount of time TV devotes to the Masters has increased from 2½ to 18 hours since 1956.

Experts credit the increased airtime to Jim Nantz’s descriptions of the azaleas in bloom.

BAIT AND SWITCH also says a green jacket for the Masters' winner costs only $250, but Horton Smith’s blazer from 1934 sold for $682,000 at auction.

This is also the difference between online pricing and what a car actually costs at the dealership.


The University of Utah is looking into expanding its stadium, which would cost tens of millions of dollars.

Kyle Whittingham allegedly told his secretary, “Take it out of my petty cash.”


A study says baseball fans will eat nearly 19 million hot dogs this summer, with Dodger fans consuming more than 2.5 million of them.

Simple explanation: With Vin Scully gone, choose the comfort food.

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